Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Term 2, Week 9 - Monday 12th March - Friday 16th March

  1. join
  2. spoil
  3. royal
  4. found
  5. crowd
  6. fifty
  7. sixty
  8. pork
  9. form
  10. talk
Thematic Words: weight, balance, heavier, lighter, transparent, opaque, erupt, ancient

  • Monday - Phonics and Grammar: (a) Choose a word to complete each sentence (b) Look through the dictionary and find 2 words you didn't knoe before, write the word and its meaning
  • Tuesday - Proof Reading Sentences: Correct any mistakes in the sentences
  • Wednesday - Comprehension:  - Read the myth The Honeybee's Sting and complete the questions based on it (page 3 is optional)
  • Thursday - Spelling: Write each spelling word in uppercase and in lowercase
Reading -  Read the passages Fast Food (Monday) and The Best Sausage Sandwich Ever (Wednesday), re-tell in your own words and orally answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

  • Mental Maths
  • Tables Champion pg 20 9+,10+

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